a.P.A.t.T. Summer Round Up – Latitude Festival, End of the Road Festival etc

a.P.A.t.T. Summer Round Up -Latitude Festival, End of the Road Festival etc

a.P.A.t.T. . @ Latitude 2008

Fairing far better are the chaotic and truly wonderous sights and sounds of Liverpool’s a.P.A.t.T; a ramshackle collective sporting all manner of clobber (athletic vests, angel wings, cowboy jackets and capes), unified by their colour – white. The sextet are quite literally barnstorming; all jumbled time signatures – double bass, accordian, violin and all the usual elements get the treatment – and furious instrumentals they’re brilliantly uncategorisable. But that’s surely their point; they’re anarchic pop of the purest form and it is a joy from beginning to end.

WOrds : PEter GuY

On Wednesday 23rd July 2008 Huw Stevens Played “This Little Piggie” Live From Latitude on BBC Radio 1, and on the 24th July 2008 he played “Purple Ackee” .
We had quite a time at the BBC’s introducing stages hospitality section and loitered with intent with Wave Machines.. It was sunny throughout and generally a superb festival!

a.P.A.t.T. @ End of the Road Festival

End of the road is a small intimate festival for 5000 people

Says Ro, “[The idea for the festival] started after a bunch of us went to Greenland festival in Wales, and we liked the idea of what they’ve done.”And with so much advertising etc at other major festivals, we’d decided to take things back to the grass roots, and put bands in the order where it makes sense for them to be [rather than where they ‘should’ be].”

We played the Howard Monk Stage.

BBC South:Live – End of the Road Festival 2008

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