Liverpools collective noise makers – An a.P.A.t.T. Syndication Show Special


The Wombats earlier

Liverpool has always had a long lineage of musicians  and artists. In fact, there can’t be  many people who aren’t aware that Liverpool’s artists have reached the coverted Number 1 spot in Britain more than anywhere else. Well whoop-de-doo!

What on Earth does that mean ?  We have better P.R. companies ? Better haircuts ? What’s the relevance?

Who knows!   What I do know is that there is large amount of music being made in Liverpool that will never sink into ‘average Joe’s’  CD collection.

Music that seems to be intrinsically trying to put the listener off  can only be liked to a threshhold point by the normal music listening public!

Thank God, thank Dog.  It’s ours.


The Beatles 'Yesterday'

According to Wiki:

“1990s bands that enjoyed success were The Boo Radleys, The La’s, The Farm, Ooberman, Scorpio Rising, Sian and Slug.

Since 2000 bands such as The Zutons, The Wombats and The Coral have become popular. As a backlash to this regular guitar pop music, another scene far more influenced by post punk and experimental music has emerged more recently,  spearheaded by bands such as  a.P.A.t.T.Hot Club de Paris, Kling Klang and Stig”

So, there must be something that binds a lot of  bands together in Liverpool; well, progressive is one aspect…hmmm  and it’s safe to say that simply the music MUST  must be a little Wonky.

Wonk may refer to:

  • Wonk, slang for a person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialised field

Wonky may refer to:

  • Wonky, slang for off -kilter. Wonky face , Wonky throat etc

What else could these bands have in common? It’s safe to say all the bands embrace a DIY ethic. However, it’s not something to be surprised by, and it’s  not just complementary to the music but indicative of it.

This is a collection of  the Liverpool practitioners of Wonk and their goods!

“There’s a kind of bullishness to just DO stuff. Everyone seems to be always scheming things which is a very healthy sign. Of course, there’s the occasional whinger but they seem to be outvoted by those who just go out and grab some action – that’s very inspiring sometimes.”
-Shooman, Spank

“This is for us, this is ours, this is what we’re going to do, so some sponsor is not part of what we’re involved in.”
– Foxy, SS

“The minute we started it, it was slightly anti-music or something like that, but it’s absolutely guaranteed, set on, to be our life’s work, whatever goes on with it, this is what we’re going to do, even if it’s just goes back to giving out CD-Rs to our friends or something. And it’s me learning, the band learning, it’s us all learning together, and that’s why we enjoy it loads.”
-GM, a.P.A.t.T.

We try to make what we consider to be good pop music with a progressive mindset. We like to make music which is melodic, innovative and sometimes needlessly complicated”
-Indica Ritual

“Crazy noise, granted, but nothing quite prepares for the flamenco-featuring random meandering, enthusiastically ploughing through unhinged rhythms, bewildering Henry Mancini-isms and Mclusky spikiness” .Rum N Brass. Dis. A semi-abandoned café, bring your own booze, donation entry, crusties, arties, old men with harps. THIS IS THE UNDERGROUND MUTHAFUCKERS.The Stig Noise Soundsystem start as we’re likely to go on with intense, overwrought sounds. Based around brass and drums, it’s a fast improvised exploration of something approaching tribal doom jazz. As they batter their instruments with force and feeling, there’s odd wonderfully brain-searing moments. Class A Audio. –  Drowned In About Stig Noise Sound System

monobrow @ Class A Audio Jne 2008

Already by the 19th century, Liverpool was a centre of musical innovation, in particular the development of the sea shanty. Many shanties specifically refer to Liverpool, such as “Heave Away”, “Liverpool Judies”, and “Maggie May”, which was later performed by The Rutles.

“A gleeful, Technicolour zombie stomp through the dark, B-movie underbelly of music. And if you don’t like the sound of that, well, you’re clearly too alive”

– Drowned in Sound about Zombina & the Skeletones

Let’s simply list more of these D.I.Y. timewasters shall we :



Blue Demon

Hot Club de Paris

Indica Ritual

Kling Klang



Norwich Unicorn

Red Panda

Stig Noise Sound System



The International

The Laze

Zombina and the Skeletones