a.P.A.t.T. @ Lille DEC 2010 w/ Crick -Sicks, Luminocolor, Zoone Libre, H.O.Z.

a.P.A.t.T. were recently invited for a week’s residency in L’Aeronef in Lille, France (9th-15th December 2010).

We performed for and recorded sixty school children in Vendeville, played an afternoon show for all ages, played a stripped-down set in a cafe/bar, and got to work with a super selection of local musicians for the final performance on the 15th, including Zoone Libre (a brass jazz trio), Crick Sicks (14 strong male voice choir), Manu from H.O.Z. (energetic screaming and guitarist) and Luminocolor (2-piece laptop and instruments electro-acoustica).

Here are some bits and bobs from our very pleasant week:

Here is a compilation (or dare I say montage ) of bits of captured footage, ashamedly not all musicians were caught on this camera>> but if you skip to the last film in this blog the WHOLE show is available for your eyes and ears…

The a.P.A.t.T. hotel, our home for seven days, a whole one minute’s walk from the venue:

On the first day we got up early, played a little set and recorded a group of sixty primary school children singing a line for this year’s Christmas song. They were very sweet! Here’s a little article from a local paper:


Then we went back to the venue, set up our gear for the week on a nice big stage and met Cedric, our sound guy for the week.

On Saturday we met Crick Sicks, the male voice choir, for our first rehearsals together. What gents! We sang one of our own tracks, as well as adding sounds to one of their songs. Some video footage of us working together can be found here:


…and here:


Sunday morning treated us to our first rehearsals with Manu and Zoone Libre, whilst Sunday afternoon was our all-ages gig. A swell day!\

On Monday we woke to find an article about our stay in the paper:


And, in the afternoon, worked with local duo Luminocolour, also learning one of their pieces for the final performance.

We played a drumless, intimate set on Tuesday evening in Le Modjo, a cafe/ bar, where we met some lovely folks…!

WEDNESDAY! Our final day.
Finally all the people we’d worked with throughout the week were in the same room at the same time. After everyone’s first rehearsal together and some delicious food, we played a very enjoyable two-hour set with the various musicians, brilliant pictures of which can be found here:


…and the whole show (streamed live online on the night) here:


Tour Diary here

Throughout the week we ate the delicious, inventive and often new-to-our-palettes food created by William in L’Aeronef.

And the biggest thank you to Alex for being so hospitable, as well as the rest of the team for the very same reason.

Rainbow over White cliffs of Dover anyone?