a.P.A.t.T. Orchestra presents Sound Relay Film with Orchestra 10/ 10

Join the magnetic relay of sound as musicians including Ensemble 10/10 and the a.P.A.t.T. Orchestra take you on a cumulative journey of musical happenings from Hope Street to the Albert Dock.Inspired by the Tate Liverpool Touched exhibition as part of the Liverpool Biennial, and taking composer Jennifer Watson’s Reflections as its focus, dozens of musicians test the limits of their own practice to create a series of surprising, experimental and reflexive happenings.Follow the Long Night trail as the procession gathers pace, picking up new musical material along the way and culminating with a finale in the galleries, including in and around the installation of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s Embryology (1978–1980).

This film is a montage of said incident.
Filmed by Daniel Hartley
Edited by GM

Here is footage of the rehearsals which took place at Liverpools Philharmonic Orchestra practice space no less….. and features replicated acoustics to that of the actual Philharmonic Hall. Jeepers!

All photos © Minako Jackson